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Comic for: June 11th, 2019
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Gamer Parents: "Every Damn Light"
Posted: Tuesday June 11th, 2019 by Woody

Almost every light in our house can be controlled by The various Amazon Echo's we have around the house. This means, you don't even have to physically manipulate an oh so complex single toggle light switch to turn off the lights when you leave a room. You can use you voice. And yet, when PB (Taks) or I walk through the house, we can see the path that our children took. Every single light is on from origin to destination.

As per the comic, yes, we can absolutely set up a single command to turn off everything. But, it's really difficult coming to terms with the idea that we have to. There's no lesson in it. But our budget doesn't care. When the power bill rolls in, "For F@#k's Sake" starts looking like a real solid response to the situation.

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