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"Making it past the Character Select Screen " - discuss
Comic Type: Saga of Ryzom | Posted: Wednesday September 1st, 2004 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
Mutton sent me the joke idea for today's comic. So I just want to say thanks real quick for his having sent me a "Ted Moment".

Now, if the Beta Client had finished downloading (no it's not done yet), I would have been able to be a bit more specific with the comic. But, as it stands I went with the way Mutton explained it, and threw in some flare to give the panel a kick. **coughs**

See cause the implication is that he'd made the boobies so large... the poor girl's feet no longer touch the ground. **coughs again**

Today's t-shirts: I'm wearing an Evil Avatar t-shirt from Split Reason. And Ted is wearing a fake t-shirt that's basically just one of the Ryzom girls.

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