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"Lucas Arts Euphoria" - discuss
Comic Type: Gaming News | Posted: Monday April 24th, 2006 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
So, I've been bouncing back and forth doing a little 'net-hopping to see what's showing up in press releases and articles relating to gaming.

One article led me to go hit the Lucas Arts site, and there I find this press release.

It seems that they are releasing an Indiana Jones game, and that it will be the vehicle for a new form of character response in games. Instead of character reactions being scripted, how they react, both physically and mentally, will be determined by their environment, so each time a scene is played, there will be variations in the actions of the characters.

The game was demo'd at E3, and according to this article at GameSpot, there will also be a multitude of destructible environment objects as well.

There is a trailer for the demo that's available all over the Internet, it seems. I can't watch it right now, but one article I read mentioned how impressive and realistic the movements and reactions were to the action taking place on the screen.

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