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"So we are in Iowa.." - discuss
Comic Type: The Zapper! | Posted: Thursday March 6th, 2008 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
We are in Iowa to attend a friend's wedding. Actually, my wife, Shanna, is in the wedding party. I took Friday off to join her at the rehearsal/dinner, and to obviously go to the wedding today (which was beautiful.. I didn't take photos.. sorry). Because of the past two days, Shanna owes me... BIG TIME. Here's why:

When our room was booked, I was informed of the decision that we would be rooming with my mother-in-law.. I'm gonna say this once.. I don't enjoy her company, at all. She tears down my wife emotionally, and I get to put her back together again (not that I'm complaining.. I'll do it until the day I die, she's worth it.. but it's the principle) Fantastic.. Now there's no guarantee that Shanna will have a mother by the end of the weekend.. Then, Friday, on the way down I drove the whole way (I have no problem with this, only that it was agreed upon that she'd drive the majority of Iowa.. She's been down here many times this summer already). Top that with my tiredness... made for a long drive (not to mention... It's IOWA.) Here's a doozey.. at the rehearsal dinner, Shanna drops the bomb.. I'm to stay at the hotel Friday night alone with the mother-in-law because Shanna is going to stay with the bride. I was THIIIIS close to staying in the car last night.. In the obscene heat and humidity. So far today, I've spent the ENTIRE day with the mother-in-law. After we leave this weekend, she'll be riding with us back home and staying the night Sunday night, because she leaves Monday morning from the MLPS/STP airport.

I'll record a video or two and post them.. but of course, my beautifully awesome wife decided to take my camera..

Any over/unders on if the mother-in-law make the flight?

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