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"Burn " - discuss
Comic Type: Space Battles: The Ancient Commonwealth | Posted: Thursday December 20th, 2012 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
Game Informer let me know a few days ago that Bioware has announced an expansion to Star Wars the Old Republic. [more info] My immediate response was less than kind.

I wasn't going to make a comic about this for two reasons. 1. Because of the Fanfic/Fanart Policy oath I swore. 2. It's unnecessarily mean. But, as things go, I'm horrifically busy and no other joke ideas came to mind, so I roled with it.

I expect flaming and I deserve it if I'm honest. But just know SWtOR players, I have nothing against you or your game. What I played in beta I really enjoyed. My grumpiness is entirely rooted in the whole "if your fanfic or fanart is based on our game, that work belongs to us" thing.

Sorry about the mean-ness.


AFS Decemberwe're really close to the target. SWtOR fans should totally stick it to me by MAKING me draw their characters. That'd show me.

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