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"Fiber Optic" - discuss
Comic Type: Dungeons & Dragons | Posted: Friday February 8th, 2013 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
So I'm going to be renting a office that can get fire optic brodband. The soul intent is to get my gaming servers a good kick in the rump for intenet speed. I'm going to rent out a single office with AC and an air filtration system in about 20x10 in size. I will be hosting 12 128gb servers.

Is there something better then fiber optic, the fastest resident speed I can get is 100 down 10 up which is to slow for the 4 128 servers I'm running now.

I'm also thinking about running a hotbrick and get in 4 100mb down 10 up connections.

Anybody get fiber? Love or hate it? Anybody go from 100 to fiber notice any noticable speed increases because I'm talking about a $1000 + a month investment.


Also does anybody know if Server 2012 Windows Standard has a limit to the amount of users that can connect to it for file sharing. I can't find what the limit is but I can find 5 user CAL packs.

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