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Title: "SonofaBitch!"discuss
Comic Type: none given | Posted: Friday, September 13th, 2002
Comic for: SonofaBitch
Best Thread Ever? ( September 13th, 2002 )
Well SONOFABITCH. I fought myself... trying hard NOT to enjoy the thread enough to actually do a strip about it and give Morsereg's lame ass any more of a claim to fame... but... but...

It was just too damned funny. I caved, what can I say? I'm a humor whore.

So I hope all you funny bastards that emailed me about this appreciate my efforts. **grins**

So, since there will not be a link to this on the front page I ask that you please link directly to this page. No sense sapping my bandwidth without registing an ad impression to pay for it right?

I thought you'd understand.

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