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Comic for: March 19th, 2004
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EverQuest: "Fabled Everything"
Posted: Friday March 19th, 2004 by

Well, for those of you not paying attention to all of the EQ 5th Anniversary hoopla, there are a lot of mobs and items in the game right now tagged as being "fabled". These are the "upgraded" things we cherish in our memories as "the good old days". Ahh nostalgia.

As for the rest of the comic, that would uh... be me picking at SOE. Class balance has never truly existed, and customer service, though I KNOW it's still there, seems largely to be a thing of the past. I remember when GM's weren't rare spawns and there were enough guides running around that people actually knew what green names above a person's head meant.

Maybe I'm just missing it. Maybe it's all still there and I'm just too focussed (read: jaded) to actually see it. But, I'm sure some Sony folks will email me to let me know that GM's, Guides, class balance, are all still "alive and kicking" (to borrow a phrase from yesterday's diatribe). **grins**

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