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Comic for: March 26th, 2004
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Horizons: "I Believe I Can Fly"
Posted: Friday March 26th, 2004 by

It's been in the game a couple of weeks now, after failing to actually be IN the game at release as was promised; but, Horizons players are still upset about the power of their dragons. It would seem that flight simply is NOT enough.

Now, I'm not gonna get too deep into this discussion as I'm not playing the game, and any stance I could take would be an unfair one, pro or con.

I just decided it was time to do another song comic. And what fits the Dragon's new ability to soar through the heavens than R.Kelly's pre-child-porn, inspirational hit?


This my friends is what we in the industry call a throw-away strip.

In my opinion, most of the comics this week have been. I'm a bit distracted and it's showing. **shrugs and grins**

Please feel free NOT to agree with me.

(Typo in comic corrected. Thanks danta.)

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