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Comic for: June 2nd, 2004
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City of Heroes: "Cable"
Posted: Wednesday June 2nd, 2004 by

"Good for a cheap laugh, hehe." ~RJ Agnew

That's what the person who submitted the strip idea said to me at the end of his email. I hope he's right. **whistles**

See, apparently the street thugs in CoH have a fashion sense that's straight out of the garbage pile. I think it's some kind of rudamentary armor or something. Though why anyone would wear a busted TV set on their head is completely beyond my capacity to understand.

All manner of jokes regarding reception, Dish Network, HBO, etc come to mind as the obvious one-liner; but, hey... I'm still fresh off my move. What do you expect from me?

There's also something appealing about the idea that all mobs are named Frank or Bob. Seems I call them that in every panel. **shrugs** Again... what do you expect of me.

Lots of people out there will gladly tell you what a no talent hack I am. So, I'm perfectly content to prove them right occasionally.


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