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Comic for: June 30th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Goin' Godzilla"
Posted: Wednesday June 30th, 2004 by

In World of Warcraft, a constant foe of Horde players in the Barrens are the various Scytheclaws. These are intelligent raptors that decorate themselves in jewelry, and since the last patch, made a home for themselves in the mountains of the Barrens.

Now, when I say, make a home for themselves, I don't mean they just took over it. I mean they have huts, and have hung gruesome bone decorations around their area.

When you're fighting them, they call out to other nearby raptors for help. If you go to fight them in theinr home area too early, you're looking at a tremendous problem.

At any rate, today's comic I examine the mobs side of conversations I see in General chat atleast once a day. When people go looking for the raptors, someone always describes the area, the raptors' intelligence comes up, and someone invariably makes a Jurassic Park joke.

So, I thought it'd be funny, if not ironic, for the raptors to meet one movie comment with another. **shrugs** I liked it at the time.

For those not in WoW beta YET... Rachet is a small village run by goblins. Their short stature compared to the raptors, despite the fact that the raptors aren't THAT big, is what brings to mind Godzilla and his famous romps through Japan.

And again... you see my need to refer to almost all mobs as Frank and Bob.

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