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Comic for: July 15th, 2004
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Star Wars: Galaxies: "Ring Toss"
Posted: Thursday July 15th, 2004 by

When I read the news that SW:G was adding Hammerheads as a new playable race, the joke wrote itself.

Now, there's other stuff being added with the Jump to Lightspeed expansion. But how could I resist Ithorian Ring Toss?

Another piece of news is that Q3P0 is moving on to another project and is handing over the reigns to another community manager. Now, this is news that, I have to admit, disturbs me. I've talked to Kevin and he is a very straight forward guy. He says things like they are... even when it's a view SOE would NOT like him to share. That's a trait that I find admirable. The community will miss you Q3P0.

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