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Comic for: October 5th, 2004
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Horizons: "Tulumellonator"
Posted: Tuesday October 5th, 2004 by

The whole Horizons thing is driving me nuts. The most recent garbage with "Tulga Games" buying Artifact Entertainment's assest really twicks me off. That is to say, the whole thing tickles my my "improper business practices" sensor.

I know we've talked about this before, but I'll recap. Chris Tulumello used to be the director of business development for Artifact Entertainment. ~ Press Release posted at GameBanshee

He then left to create Tulga Games, conveniently, before AE filed Chapter 11. It seems to me to be just a tad to coincidental. They new what was coming, and generated a strategy to circumvent bankruptcy law.

But, I pretty much let this one go before because I was indifferent to Horizon's success or failure. But, yesterday I read an interview HomeLan conducted with Mr. Tulumello and found myself choking on the concentrated gobs of BS that litter his every formulated response. I guess I should have seen it coming with a quote like this right up front:
[quote=Chris Tulumello]I've assisted companies, businesses and organizations either craft, hone or revitalize internal and external messages to customers, leadership, executives, staff., etc.[/quote]

Sooo yeah, after reading that interview, I had to do a comic about it. Usually I wouldn't use such a harsh word as "bullshit" in the comic itself. But, there is no other good term for it. Sure I could have used a synonym, there are plenty, but they lack the proper, directed value I needed to assign to what Mr. Tulumello had to say.

Well, I'll stop bending your ear about this now, and prepare for the poopstorm I just walked into.

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