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Comic for: November 10th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "I see your... points"
Posted: Wednesday November 10th, 2004 by

I wanted to do this comic yesterday, but Master Chief wouldn't let me.

Some people brought our attention to a certain set of armor within WoW that was rather, shall we say, revealing. The WoW Forums were in a minor tissy about it as well. I think really makes it hard to accept for me is that it's amor being worn by a Paladin.

Now, I won't go into my long drawn out explanation of what I think is wrong with armor in current MMOGs because you've all heard it from me before. I would like to clear up one fairly major misconception about my armor purist beliefs though:

I am not of the opinion that skimpy armor should be done away with. Skimpy armor for the ladies has been a part of Fantasy art for as long as there has BEEN fantasy art. And, I have far too much respect for the artistic masters of our trade to say that games should take a sharp departure from the visuals we've been given for decades. What I do believe should happen though, is that every skimpy outfit should have the OPTION of being more modest.

It's a simple truth that, in MMOGS and video games in general, we strive for the best armor possible. And, most of us will wear that armor even if it looks like refried chicken ass... as long as the stats are better than what we had on. So, consider this an armor purists manifesto: give us an option.

Let those that wear the items decide if they want to look like skanked out ho meat or modest armor wearing roleplayers.

Soo yeah, all that being said...
Today's Comic is meant specifically to make fun of the situation. I don't think it's necessary to specify whether the character depicted is being serious or facetious. I'll let you decide which way is more funny. And, I'll leave the implication of the Dwarf's comments up to you as well. Might as well let your brain run wild with it.

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