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Comic for: November 19th, 2004
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Halloween '04: "Swaying the Dwagon!"
Posted: Friday November 19th, 2004 by

This year, I let the power of the cute compel me. When I got the submission from Nocte, asking if photos of his children were okay I saw this one first:

That snarl is priceless! And then I scrolled down a bit further to see the 2nd picture, and thought I'd roll I was giggling so hard.

Now, how could you possibly look at those two pictures and NOT chalk them up as the winners?

Anywho, Nocte will receive a GU t-shirt, a GU Mug, a GU Mousepad, One of the Original GU Panels, and the Artwork from Today's Comic.

I'll try to get the rest of the images posted as soon as possible. And, anyone else that has pictures they'd like me to add to the list just email them to me. I'll host them and display them with the rest.

Thanks again everyone that played along!

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