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Comic for: April 11th, 2005
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Doom 3: "Wish you were here!"
Posted: Monday April 11th, 2005 by

id Software and Activision brought Doom 3 to the XBox a little over a week ago, and made some changes to the graphics so that they present themselves better on television sets. This meant significantly increasing the brightness. In most places you no longer need the flashlight to be able to see. This is particularly beneficial, because, as most of you know, you can't fire your gun and hold up your flashlight at the same time in Doom 3.

At the same time the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack was released for PC versions of the game. The expansion pack is a return to the Mars base two years after it's destruction, there's new, tougher demons, zombies, etc. And included in the "new" weapons list is the "grabber". It's a gravity defying device that can move, catch, and throw objects and small mobs. Sound familiar? Yeah. HalfLife 2 already introduced a weapon like that. No problem though, no one accused Doom3 of being innovative.

So, since the expansion is a return to Mars, I figured what the heck, the demons probably collect souvenirs just like everyone else right?

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