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Comic for: May 30th, 2005
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World of Warcraft: "Arcanite Bar"
Posted: Monday May 30th, 2005 by

Following Friday's comic (5/27) I did some more mining and smithing in WoW. When I talked about Truesilver people said "wait til you get Thorium". Well... I got thorium, and of course I heard about "arcanite".

Now, to put some detail on the relative rarity of Arcanite Bars, you have to have a high level Alchemist to transmute the precious thorium we mentioned above into arcanite. You also have to have an arcane crystal for the transmutation, rare enough in its own right, and the alchemist can only transmute one bar per two days.

So yeah, when I hear the words "arcanite bar", I thought about "Klondike bars" and the jingle from the old Klondike commercials came to mind. So, I asked myself what *I* would do for an arcanite bar. The result of my mental queries can be found in the comic.

The question is, if you were (or are) a WoW Smith, what would YOU do for an arcanite bar? (or something of similar rarity)

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