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Comic for: June 3rd, 2008
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Age of Conan: "Priorities"
Posted: Tuesday June 3rd, 2008 by

Today's comic might have been drawn by me, but it was scripted and sourced by Sanct from GU Live. He's bravely slipped into the mantle of writer for Tuesday's and Thursdays to see how things work out. If things click, we'll try more days until it's a permanent situation.

I give him two weeks before he's so frustrated with me he calls me bad names and becomes overly critical of my status with a higher primate.

Alright, since Sanct wrote the comic but stuck me with the writeup, here goes...
This past Friday an angry post showed up on the Age of Conan forums. Apparently, due to an unexpected issue with data that controls certain "morph values", some female characters "accidentally" had their breast sizes reduced. On the heels of a public outcry and some gamers swearing to cancel their accounts unless the error was corrected, the good people at FunCom assured everyone that they were working to correct the problem and that "breasts should be back to normal soon".
Source: Kotaku [ more info ]

I honestly can't say what amused me more, the fact that boobs got nerfed, or that some people were so incensed that they threatened to quit the game. I'd say "they're just boobs", but I'm afraid of being boycotted.

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