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Comic for: January 16th, 2019
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The Long Dark: "So Cold"
Posted: Wednesday January 16th, 2019 by Woody

The Long Dark is a single player, exploration-survival game from Hinterland Studios. I've not played it myself, but I've watched one of my favorite streamers (TheRealGuyJydge) play it a good bit. To say I both love and hate Will's (the protagonist) commentary on his situation is a grand experiment in pointed understatement. And it's not that I love and hate different statements he makes. No. I love an hate each and every one of them.

These comments are the game's way of letting you know that you on the verge of starvation, freezing to death, etc. But Will's response is SO hyperbolic. I've never been so hungry before. I've never been so cold before. I've never been eaten by a bear so bearishly before. Okay that last one isn't in the game, but it might as well be.

If survival games are your thing, go grab this game. Then stream it. And, let us all know on discord that you're streaming so we can all gather to mock Will's life choices.

The game is currently discounted via Humble Bundle. $10.19 for a fantastic slog through the snow-crusted Canadian expanse.

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