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Comic for: January 23rd, 2019
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Fortnite: "Decoy"
Posted: Wednesday January 23rd, 2019 by Woody

I read a couple of days ago that Epic Games was adding a snowman decoy to the game. The unbridled brilliance of Bill Watterson's snowmen in Calvin and Hobbes immediately came to mind. I knew I wanted to do an homage. There were so many options, so many ideas. I could probably do a couple of weeks worth of comics pairing Fortnite's Season 7 winterization with Watterson's/Calvin's snowmen. That being said, the Calvin and Hobbes comic serving as inspiration for the scene above is from December 1st 1993. Well "inspiration" is a lie, it's outright theft with a Fortnite twist.

Here's some Fortnite terminology to help those of you confused by the comic:
Solo-Squad - when you join a squad game by yourself.
Random Kids - derogatory term for low quality players picked up in the lobby for squad play.

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