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Comic for: March 6th, 2019
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GU Comics: "The Lies They Tell"
Posted: Wednesday March 6th, 2019 by Woody

About a year ago a gentleman came to the door asking about our internet provider and out interest levels in Fiber. Let me be blunt, we'd dive into a bowl of fiber optic connectivity with forks in both hands. Unfortunately, at the time, we were still under contract with Dumbcast for business connectivity. If you've been keeping score over the years, you know I hate Dumbcast with a boiling passion. So when the contract was up, we called the company the previous gentleman represented.

Despite his claims at the door, fiber isn't anywhere close to our neighborhood. And I guess he didn't get enough people to make the plunge to convince his company to update the physical service in the area. So there we were, no cable contract. No desire to stay with Dumbcast. And no chance of getting the connectivity speeds we were hoping for.

Here's the thing though, we're so close to the truck, that even backpedaling to DSL mean that out connection speed would increase my about 80 Mbs while our bill decreased. So I find myself today on a technology I thought I'd left behind decades ago. **shrugs** Whatever works right?

Now to tell the truth about the comic. The service tech that came out was incredibly helpful. He was candid and completely honest about what our chances of maintaining high speeds were. But after checking the signal strength, he could assure us of a faster speed that Dumbcast had been providing. So, as above, we ultimately benefited from the move.

Note: This is NOT why the comic disappeared. I literally wrote, sketched, and started inking this comic a week ago. My motivation levels have not been able to overcome the wealth of distractions that occupy my days right now. Doesn't help that GU makes me zero money right now. So... you know; it's hard to dedicate time to it. But keep the faith, and keep supporting. Who knows what'll happen next.

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