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Comic for: April 10th, 2019
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Gaming News: "Room to Improve"
Posted: Wednesday April 10th, 2019 by Woody

In the very response BioWare issued in face of the claims of workplace stress and difficulty, some might even say exploitation and abuse, the company admitted that there was "always room to improve". Which, by way of yielding ground to the concept, is a pretty terrible way of owning your fault in a situation. Like accidentally cutting someone's finger off and saying "it could have been worse".
BioWare admits there's "room to improve"... via Eurogamer.Net

So, entering into this verbal fray I introduce the step too far; the barb that drives the conversation onward. But, this is also where I'm willing to leave it. My work here is done. Due in no small part to the fact that this comic was slated for Monday. And here I am 8 pm on the following Wednesday, unfurling the sails of production.

This comic is a follow up to "The Press is not Your Enemy" posted 4/3/19.

Forgive me folks, if you will. I've been trying to set growth dominos in place only to knock them all over as I get up to turn on the camcorder. It's a slog that I'm not traversing easily this second time around. My Artax is haunch deep in the mire. Want to help? Share the links in places where you think people will enjoy them. Follow, Like, Subscribe across the various social media I employ. Here are some links if you want to dive right in:

https://discord.gg/SnFprVU <-- working on that one to get it to match the other.

Oh and you may notice some changes in the ads that are now rotating. The folks at CPMStar have invited me into their Network. So, feel free to read a lot of the old comics, and click through on anything that interests you. It'll make GU look good.

Thanks in advance for all you do!

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