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Comic for: May 27th, 2019
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Gamer Parents: "Caffeine"
Posted: Monday May 27th, 2019 by Woody

I've always been a night owl surviving on about 4.5 hours a sleep per night. But since PB (Taks) has started streaming on Twitch, her hours have gone crazy as well. Though, she sleeps later into the day because 4.5 hours is dumb.

Well school let out last Thursday, so now the boy joins his sister in being home all day, and we haven't adapted to it fully as parents. The only thing that may be keeping us moving is caffeine hence the coffee and soda pouring in the comic.

With this in mind, this may well be how the zombie apocalypse starts: two parents, who love playing games, slowly slipping into mental decay, mindlessly ambling through our days, offering each other cursory laughs when we joke about duct taping our children to the wall. Step aside George A. Romero's spectre, a ghost of a concept is haunting me.

That aside, what exactly is emotional hyperbole? The kids seem to go from zero to wailing/screaming in about 2 seconds. There's no mental gray area. There's no sifting through options or exploring coping mechanisms. They just go straight to fiery histrionics, vehement proclamations, or assertions that one or more of their appendages may be falling off. The boy has gotten better about it with age (unless there's pain involved), but his sister can put him on tilt like a Porsche owner floor boarding the gas pedal of their 918 Spyder.

But nah... it's probably just sleep deprivation.

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