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Comic for: June 24th, 2019
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Sea of Thieves: "Speed"
Posted: Monday June 24th, 2019 by Woody

So here's the concept as it appeared in The Legacy (community chat of Sea of Thieves streamer, Beardageddon) paraphrased as best I can.

Beardageddon was musing about having a Mega Keg on his boat and needing to have someone aboard to keep it from exploding. His chat then tied the concept directly to the movie Speed. And proclaimed that I should be there to draw it. I wasn't. But I heard the call. So draw it I did.

Gotta admit, really thinking about pulling the text, and just making it fan art. The pose is based on that iconic scene from Speed, where Keanu is standing beside Sandra Bullock as she drives. The text of the comic is based on one of the bad guy's lines. And the text just isn't doing anything for me right now.

Special Thanks:
Beardageddon and The Legacy can be found here: http://twitch.tv/beardageddon

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