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"Frustration" - discuss
Comic Type: EverQuest | Posted: Wednesday December 31st, 2003 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
Interestingly enough I went from PSO which got me into the whole online 3D MMORPG thing to EQ then SWG then to FFXI back to SWG, EQ, and now BACK *sigh* to SWG.

I am a casual player that often spends alot of time on the game. The Prob with EQ is I spent so much time on it and I am at a level that started to bore me, tried to start a new char and nope it didn't work currently back on SWG not because of any other reason then I can solo tho SWG is every bit as boring.

Is their an alternative before WoW comes out? I loved SWG cause it's sci fi which was a change and it's star wars..but it's so bloody boring LOL cause there is no content and for my EQ char I have to be in an uber guild to see new content on EQ which I don't have the time for.

I guess I am just wondering how many of you feel the same sence of Limbo trying to find that game you want to stay with even until WoW comes out.

* I think Wow will work or even EQ2 if for no other reason then because it would be new and hopefully solo friendly. I know MMORPG is ment to be for social this and that and grouping but who the heck wants to get in a group only to say hold on every 15 minutes and/or wait for the group to even begin cause of all the constant stop and go you have to put up with due to one person.
you get friends but they might level faster or slower than you. That is what is nice about SWG no matter the level the person can be there to help in some form although in PvP it's a different matter alltogether. that leveling prob couple with the avalibility of friends makes the need to solo a second option even if it is not the best which I hope it wouldn't be.*

I was just curious to all your thoughts about the subject.

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