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"CoH Task Forces" - discuss
Comic Type: EverQuest | Posted: Monday May 24th, 2004 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
My Supergroup and i just did our first Task Force last night. (Sister Psyche, Level 20+ vs Freakshow). We, all being veterans of both EQ and Sojourn/Toril MUD before it (most of us have been gaming together online for over 10 years), were somewhat apprehensive about commiting to what we'd heard was a 6 hour affair (though we had heard that a good crew could beat it in 4)..

Anyway, the point of this post is that something occured to me. From the moment we began the TF right to the end, we had alot of fun. The time just flew by (we clocked in at just under the 4 and a half hour mark with 5 people btw - Tanker, Defender, Controller and 2 Blasters). It didn't feel tedious or like a time sink. And i thought how it was funny that i am happy to do TF's when i am not willing to "suffer" my way through EQ GoD trials which take a similar amount of time. It shows how fine and ever fluid the line between enjoyable and not can be.

And i wonder how gamers, particularly those of a more casual bent than i, view the commitment in time necessary for a TF (particularly in relation to similarly time consuming EQ content, like the god trials)..

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