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"Quake 4's incredible darkness hurts gameplay" - discuss
Comic Type: Duke Nukem Forever | Posted: Wednesday October 5th, 2005 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
You know, I tried my best to enjoy this game, but I can't

Single player is -SO- damn dark its beyond frustrateing, EASILY %90 of the game involves the flashlight at all times, which makes shooting so aggrivateing I saved/quit the game a few times in disgust because my head would hurt from straining to see the screen all the time.

Even with max gamma in the dark you still can't see anything. What is Carmack on when he lets the game designers take this direction? "I'm sure the players would enjoy to play the whole game in the dark"

Like really, could you stand HALO 2 if you had to spend the entire game wandering with the flashlight? The flashlight parts were quick excursions that broke up the gameplay, but you diden't spend that time FIGHTING with it (Other then a quick enemy here and there), it was more a intensity building mechanism. But with Quake 4 it being used all the time, the intensity wears off and it just becomes aggrivating.

Its funny too because Quake 4 multiplayer -NONE- of this extream darkness takes place. Also oddly enough multiplayer runs wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better then single player.

Seriously I think Quake 4 should of just consisted of multiplayer at this point, single player with all the darkness (Even with max gamma) is WAY too dark.

Here's screenshots I took of a level in Quake 4 with max gamma to show what I mean by it being too dark. www.mts.net/~valagard/quake4toodark.rar

These are the unaltered images in original format.

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