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"Motherboards & Processors" - discuss
Comic Type: Woody & Ted | Posted: Thursday November 24th, 2005 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
Hello everyone! Its that holiday season and I have begun a total overhaul of my computer. Now here is the problem while I know a fair amount about everything else in a computer I don't know crap about motherboards or processors.

I need some help on what to look for and what stuff you my fellow gu fourmites have/reccomend.

What I want to get a a duel core/duel processor(i have heard of both) capable motherboard. It needs to have pci express and such, and if possiable be a AMD motherboard, also ifi it is Serial Ata compatiable I would be very happy. The processor needs to also be able to run a Nvidia 7800gt card.

Other than That can handle everything else. I thank you all in advance for the advice on this stuff because to be honest I am in the dark.

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