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Comic Type: EverQuest II | Posted: Tuesday February 21st, 2006 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
You were saying yesterday that your were having some trouble with new jokes so I thought I'd share a few of mine. They always have the guildies rolling. Maybe they will inspire.

These were written with EQ2 in mind but easily apply to other MMO's

In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy.

You might be a Halfling if……

While running for your life you stop to pick up something shiny, you might be a Halfling.

If that EXP group keeps telling you to come back when you’re older, you might be a Halfling.

If given a choice between new armor and food you choose the food, you might be a Halfling.

If you just love hunting in the Klicknik holes of Antonica because they remind you so much of home, you might be a Halfling.

If while taking a casual stroll threw the Ruins of Karana has all the skeletons checking for their wallets, you might be a Halfling.

If you send your pet to attack an orange heroic ^^^ just so you can get that shiny by its feet, you might be a Halfling.

If your lunch alone takes up over half the available slots in your backpack, you might be a Halfling.

You might be a gnome if…..

If your staff runs on batteries, you might be a Gnome.

If your simple explanation on the practical usage of a doluminium whipple would put even a dragon to sleep, you might be a Gnome.

You might be a Froglok if…..

If harvesting frog legs at the Oak Myst Forest Dock seems like barbarism, you might be a Froglok.

If doing a /dance causes someone to throw you back in the water, you might be a Froglok.

You're welcome to use any or all of these if you like.
Krankee of EQ2 Butcherblock

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