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"Vorpa and the Fish that was Deviate" - discuss
Comic Type: Duke Nukem Forever | Posted: Friday June 2nd, 2006 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
I introduce Vorpa, Gnome Mage of the 25th Season
Nathrezim, PvP Server

"So I was walkin round this place called the Barrens, nice place...kinda dry for my tastes and lots of greenness...ugh. No worse than any other I suppose; so anyways I'm runnin round lookin for these fishies, Deviate Fish...makes me wonder what normal fish are supposed to look like as these dont seem to have more fins or eyes or whatnot.
Movin on. I'm traipsing through the greenery lookin for fish to well...fish, and come upon a Troll Rogue who seemed to be doin the same...as she was rather questionable in level and to be honest sanity...her name was after all pwnzabayby, I avoided her, however she seemed to find it necessary to eliminate me in a most voracious manner.
Moments later I was back to fishing, and promptly experienced a most unusual experience, I'm not quite sure how to explain a Dagger in your spinal cord...perhaps a spreading numbness? Though I laughed at her upon my return due to her piddly 367 Ambush on a season 25 Mage, so I received immense entertainment out of my imminent demise.
Back to fishing...well at a different spot of course, i'm stubborn, not mentally challenged. Whilst admiring the scenery and meeting some new friends, did you know that while alone Taurens and Trolls are rather friendly but as soon as you get two or three of the little buggers together they get all ornery. I met Puzzle a 60th season Undead Priest, friendly gal, good at childrens parties...least until she devours their souls. As well it seems that she believes that she owns the Stagnant Oasis, as she eliminated me for trying to fish. Though perhaps she simply enjoyed smishing a Gnome with a 650 Mind Blast.
Upon my prompt return I met RaeginArrock, Smitetaure, and Smishtaur who through their combined might still failed to eradicate me, though I led them on a merry little chase rounding corners and stopping to Blink behind them, Shamans are funny, they get all frustrated when even in Ghost Wolf Form they cant run down a little Gnome. Sadly I was forced to use my Hearthstone to travel to a safer locale, as it seemed Trolls and Taurens were coming out of the woodwork as soon as there was more than two of them.
Thankfully I had bound myself in the Goblin villa of Ratchet (lovely name), reminds me of good ole Gnomeragan...and Gnome Females...and Brownies...mmmm. Pardon my distraction, being rather annoyed at this Pop goes the Gnome singalong everyone seemed to be having I returned to find RaeginArrock again fishing by his lonesome...though sadly he had returned to non combat status...I believe the duel lasted all of 10 seconds."

Against Shamans(at least cowardly stupid Shamans)
Sacrifice Frost Line to Earthshock
Fire Blast
Frost Nova
Arcane Missiles
Fire Blast

Just a little story of entertainment and adventure from the pages of a Gnome Mage and his habit of getting in over his head.

The Moral of this story is: No Pain, No Gain.

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