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"Mr. Rookie Goes to Washington" - discuss
Comic Type: World of Warcraft | Posted: Tuesday September 12th, 2006 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
Next week will be a big week for me. Small town North-Idaho Rookie will be going to Washington D.C. for a leadership forum. I leave Tuesday and won't be back until Sunday. I will be meeting with Joint Chiefs of Staff and other government officials dealing with branches of Defense, Intelligence, and Diplomacy.
I will be making a trip to the Aberdene (sp?) Proving Grounds for site experience day or possibly the American Spy Museum, depending on availability. I will also be sitting in on a Supreme Court hearing and might be going to the Pentagon.
And yes, there will be tourist stuff. I am supposed to be going to the Smithsonians, Arlington National Cemetery, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, the Lincoln and Washington Memorials, and who knows what else.
I'm really looking forward to it.

Also the 28th (Saturday) will be the 2 year anniversary of when i joined the GUforums. And Tommorow (Friday) will technically be the last day of my sports activity so those have have been eagerly anticipating my more frequent appearences, tommorow is the day.

Woohoo, lets hope the plane ride is fast.

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