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"Web Based games? What do you play?" - discuss
Comic Type: World of Warcraft | Posted: Friday February 1st, 2008 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
I've been hooked lately on Facebook games to pass times, but I got tired of the incesstant spam, required number of friends to add to game and having to buy (never did) favor points to get special npc's or items just to play on level playing field.

So I looked around and one day when I was watching Naruto and other Anime on Hulu and found Billy vs Snakeman (see my sig for referal link) it's a web based text rpg that spoofs anime and ninjas. It can get to be addictive and I tend to visit everyday if possible to play and waste an hour or two. There's nothing to pay or D/L. Free is rare and this game has it. You'll find tons of references to anime you've probably watched at one time or another in your life there too. And yes there's a PvP section too where you can fight other ninja in the Ninja World war- and soon there will be Pirates too. (ArrrJu)

What web based games (that don't have D/L's, pay for favor/items to compete fairly, instrusive malware/adware imbedded in client ) do yall play?

If you play this game already, speak up! If not click my link and give it a tryout. When you're asked to choose a village choose Drought! (that's mine!)

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