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"And Mads drops in again. " - discuss
Comic Type: Guest Strip | Posted: Tuesday June 17th, 2008 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
I'm starting to think Mads is our designated Spore representative. This makes the 5th Spore-based comic on GU and Mads has done two of them.

Anyway this is what Mads had to say about his submission:
It has been a while since I sent [in] a gueststrip, nevertheless with the SPORE creature editor coming out [today (6/17)] I simply had to make a comic about it and send it to you.

I have had the privilege of trying the editor before and I must say that it is simply amazing. You can create almost anything with it and I would be truly surprised if two different players made the exact same creature in it. It has limitations of its own though, not as the strip suggest in how ugly a creature can become, but in the actual number of parts that can be added to each creature – so it will not be possible to add eyes all over a creature…

However I strongly suggest that you head over to www.spore.com and grab the free trial [today (6/17)] and try it out.

Best regards,
Thanks for another guest strip Mads.

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