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"Oh I see. It's supposed to be "medical" humor." - discuss
Comic Type: The iPhone | Posted: Thursday July 17th, 2008 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
Without going through a bunch of ridiculous petty details, and nodding back to the 4/6/10 comic, Infinity Ward received the resignation of two more staffers, senior animator Bruce Ferriz and lead designer Mackey McCandilish, shortly after former studio heads West and Zampella announced that they were opening Respawn Entertainment which is being funded in part by EA. [more info]

Sure it's only 7 people so far, but I think it's okay to exaggerate a little bit and say that "Infinity Ward is bleeding employees" for the sake of a joke. Especially if it means I subjects myself to hours of research into blood coagulants, topical recombinant based thrombin that aids in hemostasis as it applies to oozing and minor capillary bleeding, right?

And I got to say "anti-Kotick drip". So that's a plus.

Anybody want to make any bets on how many of these guys end up at Respawn?

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