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"It was either that... or Birdo." - discuss
Comic Type: Age of Conan | Posted: Monday August 11th, 2008 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
Sorry about posting another sketch comic. I won't bother making any "excuses". I was up late with more moving and subsequently slept in. On to the writeup.

[Update: Color version posted.]

I found an article this morning at Destructoid about the potential of another unlockable playable character in the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy 2. [more info] The first unlockable playable character is Luigi for a mere 20 stars. At 120 its seems you will have access to... something else. The assumption currently is that it will be another unlockable character, most likely Princess Peach. But, I figured since this is all conjecture and guestimation I'd throw my own hat into the "just a guess" ring.

I'm not sure what the Coin's special gameplay abilities would be. But obviously he can float. Take that jumping stages!

So, while I go re-hang this ceiling fan, what character would you guys like to be able to play?

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