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"need help finding this movie." - discuss
Comic Type: GU PSA | Posted: Friday March 26th, 2010 by Woody - [ Size: 600x750 ]
When i was young in the 80's or 90's i remember seeing this space movie. I thought it was a Disney movie but i did not see it listed as a Disney movie.

This is that i remember. a future movie were the government was going to launch a ship with teenagers to go and get a new planet ready. on earth the air was so bad that you have to ware tanks of extra oxygen. Before the launch the two of the kids were getting something to eat and had to help a lady get to an energy oxygen station cause your tank ran out. Then wile at the restraint the smaller kid tried to order a big meal but his credit was denied and talked his friend into paying from it. After launch i think something happen to the only adult on the ship and the kids decided to continue the mission. Along the way they picked up another spacer from his ship that was attacked. He convinced them into letting him build a rail-gun in one of the airlocks since the ship had no weapons. Near the end they meat up with the other ship that were sent before them and found out that the government had lied to them and that all the ship were to meat up and form one big ship and abandon the people of earth. There ship was the final part needed cause of the computer. Instead of joining them they used the rail-gun to destroy the other ship and continue on. Planing to set up the new planet and then go back to earth to save the other people. In the end the computer deiced to show them a video of what the new planet would look like. Also it but in a digital rendering of the small kid that was the ships computer expert and a girl on the ship he liked but had not told her.
If you know this movie let me know.

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