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Comic for: May 7th, 2004
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World of Warcraft: "Superior Ability"
Posted: Friday May 7th, 2004 by

Recently I've spent a lot of time playing WoW with a fan of the strip.

He's a 24 Troll Shaman, and I'm a 24 Orc Warrior. The combo is LETHAL.

On a recent excursion to demolish a certain group of ornery dwarves, we had a discussion very similar to the one in the strip. So, being the person I am, when my troll friend told me that I had the superior ability to be punched in the head... I laughed my ass off. Something about it just struck me as humerous. **shrugs and grins**

Anyway, as a shaman, he can make use of several different "totems" while we're fighting. These are little graphical posts that grant different abilities while they're active. The totem I'm referring to in the comic is called the Stoneclaw Totem. It plants a little post that grabs the attention of mobs encouraging them to beat on the post rather than on us. The downside is that when the post goes poof, the mob goes after the shaman. Until I can taunt it off that is.

Other totems he make use of heal us, protect us, does direct damage to the mob, etc. They are tremendous assets.


The joke...
To clarify for anyone who's lost, the comic implies that as a warrior I have a superior ability to get punched in the face. But my response implies that my group mate has the SAME "superior ability" but for completely different reasons. **coughs** He's a jackass. **coughs** (No offense Carbo!)

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