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Comic for: May 10th, 2004
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EverQuest: "I Can Assume"
Posted: Monday May 10th, 2004 by

Here's ANOTHER comic that was a fan submitted idea.

Currently the only name I have for the submitter is "asgs sdgasdg", so you can understand why I have "anonymous" in the shared by-line. I'll change it as soon as I get something more definate.

At any rate, I was just realizing today, when I went to get the screenshot for this comic, exactly how long its been since I really PLAYED EQ. And, well, I feel kind of bad. In my absense a lot of people have disappeared from active play in my guild, and I have this horrible nagging feeling that it's all my fault some how.

Not that I'm uber, funny, or even likeable. But, I'm the highest level warrior in the guild, and really do know what I'm doing in a group... usually. With me gone, there's a little lacking in the meat shield department.

As it stands I likely won't be back in the game regularly until after the big move at the end of this month. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back in a couple times a week after that.

To get back to the comic, the ranger there is just being rude. His expectation is that other players will somehow know his status despite the fact that his status is hidden, and he's provided no clues for the cleric there to pick up on. The last text bubble makes the whole strip worth drawing though. And you guys know me... I'm often given to picking at Rangers. **whistles and grins**

Alrighty, so back to work with me.
I'm still working on t-shirts, several LARGE commissions, and trying to get everything organized to put a database back end behind the strips so they'll be searchable. Just got tired of seeing 15 people a month, thinking themselves original, and suggesting it... I guess.

So yeah, a firend and I took two days sorting out the panels, dating them, and putting them in order. Now all I have to do is ... everything. (Jesse James homage)

Okay, I'm clicking the blah blah blah button now... before I run my mouth some more.


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