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Comic for: March 17th, 2005
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Katamari Damacy: "Sticky Cube"
Posted: Thursday March 17th, 2005 by

Katamari Damcy is one of those games that just come out of no where, and though they go largely ignored by the mass gaming populace the true gaming aficionados always manage to lock onto them and toss around their kudos. It's one of those games that's exceedingly unique content-wise.

And where the sleeper hit quality of this game still lingers, it doesn't suprise me that Namco is already working on a sequel. Recent news though tells us that the game has been delayed. [ more info ]

No reason has been given for the delay... but I have my own ideas.

To explain a little bit of what's going on here... In Katamari Damacy you play as the Prince of All Cosmos. And, you've been tasked to collect everything you can to rebuild the stars (that have been broken by your father). To collect items you are given an impossibly sticky ball which you proceed to roll around the earth picking up stuff. You start out small (pens, paperclips, staples) but as the levels progress your katamari can pick up larger and larger items (cats, desks, people, cars, elephants, buildings... continents).

So, me trying to be funny decided the game had to be delayed because the developers got TOO quirky, and were having you roll around a sticky cube in the sequel. Honestly this could only really be a problem in the initial phases, cause, if you've seen screenshots of the game, "round" is not a quality your katamari maintains for very long.

Now, I haven't played Katamari Damacy yet, but I recently bought my girlfriend a PS2 for her birthday, and that seems like a perfectly good excuse to buy and play such an oddly original game. I'll be watching the progress of the sequel. And, if I can make it funny, I'll keep you guys posted.

Until then, pardon my weird.

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