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"WoW PvP Honor system - more details"

Comic Type: City of Heroes | Posted: Tuesday March 29th, 2005 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
More info posted today on the WoW EU site regarding PvP Rewards / Honor system. My first impression is it looks good. The question remains how they can/will prevent the same subversion caused by Jedi Fight Clubs in SWG. In WoW, this would require a Horde and Alliance group to cooperate - something you can't take as a given. One thing that minimizes this (and repeat ganking) is that killing the same PC over and over again yields smaller, and eventually no, reward in the same day.

Personally, I expect Rogues to do especially well under such a system, since killing PvP flagged NPCs (e.g. guards) yields honorable kills.

They also floated a stick with the carrot - if non-agressive NPCs (some vendors / quest npcs / flightmasters) are killed in large numbers then Blizzard may institute a penalty in the future for these "dishonorable kills."

Link is here.

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