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"The Star Fighters"

Comic Type: The Zapper! | Posted: Tuesday September 6th, 2005 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]

A Starcraft-like world. all the races are at war, space pirates are raiding ships freely and trade is ruled by those who can kill. The human races are strongly united in a single army, but a primitive (think zerg) savage insect like race, called the Bargs, ruled by an insect queen is always hunting them down and using the human bodies as hosts for their young and doing combat with the other races.

Space travel has become a frequent occurence for anybody with the right transportation. Light speed is available to all who can afford it, or pillage it. The many star-cruisers and ships are in sizes up to gigantic ships the size of small cities, to small one man or alien vehicles.

While laser guns are available, it is not a constant laser, it comes in little clips that fire a certain number of shots. Laser mounted cannons are a common feature on most star-ships.

The technology is very advanced, free-thinking robots and advanced computer systems. Most infants can work a computer.

Bounty Hunters are succesfull in business, but the Business Lords watch over all business unless its underground, which resorts in personal bounty hunters that allign themselves as a Business Lords personal army.

Space Pirates have the most profitable business, pillaging ships and raiding cities on planets and killing at will. The local law enforcements will pursue until a larger battle-cruiser comes along, fearing an engagement.

The war has raged for years, battles sometimes raging in the very streets, or giving the civilians a lightshow as they battle in space. The three main factions that the others allign themselves to are: The Drakc Empire, the Human United Alliance, and the Carlack Confederate Resistance Force.

Da Rules:

1.Obey Woody's Rules

Concerning Weaponry: Laser weapons are available, as well as bullet weapons and melee weapons. Yes folks, even "Laser Swords" and other Laser weapons.
Laser Guns: Come in clips that shoot certain number of rounds, but can be recharged like a battery, since lasers are bursts of concentrated energy.

Bullet Guns: The standard modern-day blow-'em up guns, with a futuristic twist.

Melee weapons: Modern day Hack-and-slash weapons with a futuristic twist.

Laser Melee Weapons: These can only be held by the handle they are emited from, any other contact will cause the body part to be thoroughly sliced off. The only defense is anti-laser shields and other laser melee weapons.

Everybody is going to want their own starship. So here's the deal on those.
Star-Cruiser: Giant flying cities in the form of space-ships. Usually reserved for the military. Limited Light-Speed Jumps, Heavily armed laser weapon defense systems. Heavy armored, but slower than hell.

Frigate: Smaller than a Star-Cruiser, but still fairly large, can hold a small fleet of smaller ships in its hold. Moderate Light-Speed Jumps, medium armor and way faster than a Star-Cruiser

Clipper: Light ships, very fast and lightly armed and armored. Have the longest light speed range of the three larger ship-styles. They are the smallest, usually only a crew of less than a dozen.

Battle Speeders: These are the fighting ships that are deployed from the holds of most larger ships. They are armed with special rockets and laser blasters. Sizes, armor, and weaponry is varied. Sometimes are personal ships customized for the owners preference.

Star-Speeders: Civilian class ships. Armor varies, but no weaponry. They are not able to go into space on their own, unless aided by a larger ship while in its hold.

Speeders: Land based hovercraft, sometimes armed, but mostly in civilian use.

On the matter of Killing:

Laser inflicted wounds will not bleed, but other injuries will. Taking shots at other players will follow under PvP. Killing NPC's and Creatures will be allowed unless another player has some idea for this character.

PvP: Will only be allowed when the other player approves of the combat. No immediate character killings unless done by the player who owns the character does so. Nobody else can kill that players character.

Uber Character: No Uber Characters. Shooting will be kept within reasonable boundaries. A character cannot get headshot kills or instant kills every time.
No crazy tricks or mad skeelz, like flipping a ship and causing to ships to run into eachother all the time, or kick flips and punching a guy and sending him flying into the other wall that is 30 feet away.

Items: Any item you want you can have as long as it doesn't make your character an uber character or does something totally ridiculous.

Planets: Any name, any enviornment you can think of, go for it.

Character interaction: Try to keep all character interaction in character.

Now for the characters!

Name: Jack Orlando
Race: Human
Class: Pirate Captain
Appearence: Taking a shot in the face early in his career, he took to wearing a black helmet with a sunglasses like visor over his eyes, and a mask over the rest of his face. He wears a White dress shirt, with a black vest and black leather gloves.

He wields a laser pistol at his side and a laser sword on the other. Skilled in both, he has earned the respect of his crew through ruthlessness and his command.

His Ship: The Black Arrow, A Frigate Class ship. A hold consisting of 12 battle-speeders, and a crew of fifty men. A boarding walk allows him to board enemy ships and get his bounty without having to travel through space. A long Black ship, shaped like a spear head, with three fins in the rear, the middle contains the bridge, the other two contain the ships thrusters. It is armed with 12 cannons, six on each side. The Red Falcon on either side of the thruster fins is said to strike fear into the hearts of merchant vessels, although she is not the best pirating ship in the galaxy.

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