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"Rejected without ever being in the relationship."

Comic Type: Black & White 2 | Posted: Wednesday September 7th, 2005 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
Hello, I don't think I have ever posted, but I do read GU, and have been for sometime now. Yet thats not why I am peeping out of the shadows. Im so down and depressed and I just need to talk.

I am 18 years old and I...I don't know, let me just tell you the story.

I met a girl, yea yea I'll skip all the innocent flirting bs and go onto the meat of the story, basically we got to know each other better and found out her life isn't so hot, she was raped by a friend of hers and got pregnant, she felt it was her fault so she stayed with him even though he treated her like she was nothing, hitting her, being just a total ass in general, yet he threatened to hurt her if she left him. And he wanted to marry her, and she thought that would be fine since they are going to have a baby together. Ever since she told me this, and more stuff, I have been wanting to help her so much. She was so broken and I wanted to fix her.

So we begin to hang out more often and I eventually start to have feelings for her, I was thinking she has them for me too. But I was dead wrong. I thought she thought something more of me, but now she is just blowing me off and it seems like she just doesn't give about what I have to say. I take time to sit down and tell her about how she won't be alone with her child, she will have people to help her. I told her how he can't just make her marry him. She has told me why she can't leave him and how scared she is, I told her I would protect her and help her in any way possible. So far the past few nights we have been together, when I drop her off home, when we hug goodbye, she gives me a look, and I could have sworn, I swear it, I saw the look of interest in me in her eyes...I knew she did. But we both knew nothing could happen, with her boyfriend and all.

Well he decides to break up with her. I ask her what happened, she doesn't want to talk about it, thats fine I understand. But now I mean...I dunno its obvious she doesn't like me because the past few times we have talked, the "goodbyes" aren't so important as they used to be. She just seems to blow me off, and I don't know, I guess I just feel like...well have I been wasting my time? Does she not take what I say to heart? I could go on all day with what I have done to try to help, and I have known when to back off and not say anything.

I just feel so rejected and I was never with her. I have honestly never really "liked" a girl, you know when your in highschool and you get little crushes for people, I got that sure, not often, but I did. This was a totally different feeling...and that look, what I felt when we hugged, I could have sworn it was something...

Bottom line, I just feel so wasted. I feel like I was set off in the corner just to be forgotten about, all I have tried to do is help this girl. Im not saying she has to love me forever, but can I at least get some sort of thanks? Not saying she has to date me, im saying, can she at least see that I didn't have to do what I did?

I hate this feeling...its so bad because I thought my heart was talking to me all those nights we were together.

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