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Comic for: March 31st, 2006
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Oblivion: "SHOOSH!"
Posted: Friday March 31st, 2006 by

Since people won't leave me alone about making an Oblivion comic, I picked up the game yesterday. After playing it for quite a few hours one thing really stuck out in my mind...
NPCs in Oblivion talk TOO damn much (for me).

I readily admit that this is a weakness of mine and probably isn't really a problem for anyone else. I'm just not a good active participant in game story lines. I want to play a game to play a game. I don't need the involvement. If I want to read, I pick up a book.

Now, there's nothing wrong with folks who do get into the storylines of a game. I commend your level of interest. I'm just content to hack and slash my way through content.

I know, I know, bad Woody. That's the Ted side of my gamer id coming out. But, it holds true through MMOGs too. I rarely read the quest notes unless I absolutely have to. And it's a shame too, because I realize that I likely don't get the same level of enjoyment out of a game as most other folks do. But again, I play a game to play a game.

Now, as far as Oblivion (I'm playing the PC version) goes; The graphics are pretty nice if a tad dark on my monitor. And, not being much of an FPSer, I'm not very good at just walking around. I'm so used to using my mouse for everything, it's hard for my brain to switch over into keyboard control mode. I thought I was gonna go nuts when I couldn't find a keyboard control to skip through the NPC prattle quicker. I didn't immediately consider clicking the mouse because so much of the game relies on the keyboard.

I'd also like to admit that the comic is a bit unfair in this regard. The text is relatively pertainant. I haven't found an NPC (yet) that rambles on and on about nothing. They just seem to ramble on and on about the land, the story, or the quest.

So, for today I give my gamer self a C-.

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