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Comic for: August 9th, 2006
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Dead Rising: "Check!"
Posted: Wednesday August 9th, 2006 by

You guys know my love of all things zombie. As a matter of fact just yesterday I said "I'd like to be a zombie. Eating brains. You don't have to worry about dying. No bills." So, as you might expect, I'm a sucker for Zombie movies and games.

Now, where I usually root for the zombies, I still get enjoyment out of all the marvelous ways people find to make them die. And, the recently released (8/8/06) XBox360 zombie romp Dead Rising has "ways to make a zombie die" in spades.

Reviews of the game have been pretty good thus far. But, I'll leave further analysis of the game to you guys because, well, I can't afford an XBox360 right now. **grins**

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