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Comic for: September 27th, 2006
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The Life of Ted!: "Placing Blame"
Posted: Wednesday September 27th, 2006 by

Grand Theft Auto is, yet again, the target of legal "professionals". Attorneys have named Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Take-Two Interactive, and Rockstar in a suit that claims GTA was responsible for training a 14 year old to kill his stepfamily in New Mexico, two years ago. The lawyers in questions have said the convicted killer would not have committed the murders if he hadn't played Vice City.
Source: Gamespot [ more info ]
Well, that's technically the basis for the comic. I figure it's so ridiculous that GTA is being blamed that everything should be blamed on GTA. And why not? The facts don't seem to matter to these people.

So, if you "ruin your dinner" by eating one too many M&Ms? GTA made you do it.
"Accidentally" shave the cat? GTA made you do it.

So, I guess that leaves a mild discussion about what wasn't said in my citing of the article, above. I didn't mention the killers name. And I didn't mention the names of the lawyers. Why?

Well, the kid had suffered years of mental and physical abuse at the hands of his stepfather before he "snapped" and killed the entire family. As terrible as that is... he has NOTHING to do with this case. It's an excuse for attention whoring lawyers to get their names in the news.

Well... piss on them. I won't do it. Ignorant, game-hating jackasses.

Whoops. I probably wasn't supposed to be so blunt with my opinion of that matter, especially not in tying it to such a simple comic.

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