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Comic for: January 8th, 2007
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Woody & Ted: "Computer Love"
Posted: Monday January 8th, 2007 by

So, I've been struggling on the laptop for what seems like a decade. But, all the parts finally came in and Frank Almighty, the GU computer, got reassembled this weekend with some help from a friend of Taks' (thanks Noah). EVGA nVidia 680i SLI, Core2Duo E6600, Thermaltake 700w modular PSU: I'd say the thing purrs, but that would mean it was actually making noise.

I've worked on and/or owned a lot of computers in my day, but I've never been around one that's this quiet. I honestly had to check to make sure all the fans were actually spinning. As best as I can figure it, and this isn't exactly uncommon, my old power supply was making most of the noise. And with a 14cm fan, this Thermaltake is damn near inaudible. Probably doesn't hurt that it came with a rubber gasket to help reduce case noise at its primary point of contact.

Having all my monitors again makes me coo with childlike glee. It does not however make me want to hop up on the desk, sans pants, to do Jeff knows what.

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