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Comic for: January 10th, 2007
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Gaming News: "Well He Is"
Posted: Wednesday January 10th, 2007 by

I've made no secret of my dislike of Kaz Hirai's commentary, especially when he starts needling the competition rather than letting his product stand on its own legs. So, if it's not abundantly clear, I think every time he starts running his mouth he looks more and more like a dick. I just figured drawing him as a phallus, or dressed in "very special" suit, might be a bit much.

Kaz Hirai is Sony's president. So, you'd think at some point in his career he would have developed some tact. Unfortunately he seems to have been pushed up through the ranks regardless of his seeming inability to exercise the trait when he's speaking in a public forum, be it on stage or in an interview.

Now, I'm certain Mr. Hirai is a nice guy when he's not up on a stage slighting the competition. He's probably a great guy to have a barbeque with. And where I typically value being forthright and blunt with your own opinions (just look at this comic), I do believe that when you're a figure head or mouthpiece for an internationally known company, you've got to reel it in a little. Otherwise you make your company, and your product targets, for ire and distaste. Right now, the PS3 can't afford that.

Please note, this comic isn't the direct result of Kaz's most recent CES intimations; it's a culmination of all his vocal misadventures.

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