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Comic for: January 24th, 2007
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City of Heroes/Villians: "Hamidon's Tea Party"
Posted: Wednesday January 24th, 2007 by

A few days ago, NCSoft sent out an email announcing some of the features of the next CoX update - "Issue 9: Breakthrough". In the release I read the following:
New Hamidon Encounter (Heroes and Villains)
Not only do villains get their own end-game raid encounter with the “Hamidon,” but the new experience is also brought to the Heroes side where players must use new tactics to bring down one of the “City of”s greatest threats.

Why is it, when I read something like that, my brain automatically paints such odd pictures? I means surely the new encounter is just a more difficult version of the previous raid. You know, throw in some cross faction twists, etc. But no, I just have to draw the evil gellatenous glob in a bonnet pouring tea. **shrugs** No apologies... just acceptance.

Anyway, here's some links for you if you're interest in the CoX games:
City of Heroes
City of Villians

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