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Comic for: April 16th, 2007
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Dance Online: "Paying the Price"
Posted: Monday April 16th, 2007 by

Acclaims new MMO is an online dance game named, appropriately Dance! Online. Those familiar with Dance Dance Revolution will also be familiar with the, more than a little similar, concept. Apparently playing a character with non caucasian skin tones is an "extra feature" that can only be attained by purchasing the option from the game's item shop.
Source: Game Set Watch [ more info ]

Before you get all upset and gear yourself up to rail against Acclaim, the option is available in the item shop for a single point which you acquire in-game. You don't actually have spend any money. I played through the practice sessions and two dances in a private room and ended up with 1075 points. So, that one point really doesn't mean much.

I do find it interesting however how quick someone was to jump on Acclaim for making them "pay to be black". One less than fair assertion has a way of stirring blacklash in the gaming community though. And, I would be willing to bet that Acclaim corrects this "issue" before the game is released. (It's currently in open beta.)

As for the comic, well, it's more of a social jab than social commentary. That's really about all I want to say on the matter. Martin isn't really a part of the comic to be an activist. As a matter of fact that's the exact opposite reason I put him in the comic. So, I won't be using this writeup to comment on Dom Imus and Rutgers, Al Sharpton on Bill Maher, etc. I have to ask that you guys try not to get into those particular conversations here either. Thanks.

[Note: Life was mean to me today; so, distraction and a headache kept me from working at my usual pace. I apologize for the late comic.]
Today's Pimpage: Martin is wearing a Chicago Bears Jersey and Ted is wearing a "War and Peas" shirt from Threadless.Com.

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