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Comic for: June 4th, 2007
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The Sims Movie: "That's all it could be."
Posted: Monday June 4th, 2007 by

A couple of weeks ago Variety reported that 20th Century Fox had acquired the rights to produce a feature length, live-action adaptation of EA's "The Sims". A director has not been named but the screenplay will be penned by "Angry Naked Pat" author Brian Lynch.
Source: Variety [ more info ]

I read the the Sims Movie story a while back, but after slapping my forehead, I quickly (and intentionally) dismissed the news. But, the more I thought about it, and marked off the potential story lines due to lack of Sims uniqueness, the only thing I was left with was softcore porn.

At the risk of potentially making some Sims players and EA employees mad at me, I'll say outright that I think the idea of a film based on The Sims is breathtakingly stupid. How do you make a film, specific to the game, that's not boring, redundant, or easily mistaken as your standard, crappy date-movie fare? What aspects of the game are really worth dedicating 90 minutes of silver screen time to? Going to the bathroom, making the bed, sitting your dinner plate inexplicably in the middle of the floor? Nope.

The development, maintenance, and progression of relationships, that's all there is. Unless of course they make it some weird voyuerism piece that ends with the house burning down because dad's got to pee and won't stop holding his crotch and dancing around long enough to grab the fire extinguisher.

I know that you CAN "make out" in the hot tub. I was just trying to use a term more specific to the Sims. Let's hope the movie makers are that dedicated.
If you do not already know what it means, it might be unwise to google a "Fluffer" at work.

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